Who We Are

“Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?” is a non-profit organization aimed at advancing Jewish-Arab partnership and at reinforcing the legitimacy of the Arab community as a partner in the national decision-making process. We believe that such partnership strengthens both Israel’s democratic foundation and its future.

The way we work varies and changes according to the issues we tackle. Some of the avenues we have taken to reach our goals include creating campaigns targeting the Israeli public through billboards, social media, traditional media; penning and promoting policies delivered to politicians at the local and national levels; promoting and reinforcing democratic values through conferences and large-scale events; producing and publishing public opinion studies; creating educational curricula on relevant topics; ensuring our content is accessible and understandable to both the Jewish and Arab communities alike, etc.

Our work centers around the highly sensitive, complex, and frequently changing issues facing the Israeli public. We excel at providing relevant creative responses in this fast-paced world. The issues we have tackled include: the multiple election rounds and the political crisis, the corona pandemic, the pro-democracy protest movement against the attempted regime coup, and the October 7th massacre and subsequent war.

Our Work

Partners in State, Partners in Protest: The Judicial Overhaul

A series of campaigns and initiatives during the 2023 protest against the judicial overhaul, aiming to connect between the Arab community and the largest public protest movement in the country’s history

Prtners in Fate, Partners in Aid: The Joint Jewish-Arab Emergency Relief Center

In the aftermath of Oct 7th, we joined forces with Adv. Anan Alsanah to set up the first Joint Jewish-Arab Emergency Relief Center, which provided aid to thousands of Jewish and Arab families, and spread the message of partnership to millions of people

Partners in Fate, Partners in Government: The Political Crisis

A series of campaigns and other initiatives were carried out during the multiple rounds of elections held in Israel between 2019-2022, aimed at advancing the notion that the Arab community is a legitimate partner in government

Partners in Fate: The ‘Swords of Iron’ War

A series of campaigns and initiatives aimed at strengthening the sense of partnership between the Jewish and Arab communities in Israel, and preventing internal conflict between the two following the October 7th attack

Our Campaigns

Partners in Fate, Partners in Aid

A roundup of local and international media coverage of the Joint Arab-Jewish Emergency Relief Center, which we initiated and operated in conjunction with Adv. Hanan Alsanah, in the aftermath of the Oct 7th attack

Partners in Fate, Partners in Government: COVID-19 Pandemic

A campaign during the COVID-19 Pandemic, highlighting the Arab citizens of Israel who work in the healthcare system. The Arab community in Israel comprises 40% of the healthcare workforce

Partners in State, Partners in Protest: Make Room

A video targeting the Jewish comuunity, asking to make room in the protest for the Arab community, because only together we can win

Partners in State, Partners in Protest: Arab Voices

Did you think that the Arab citizens of Israel do not prticipate in the 2023 protest, the largest one in Israel’s history? Think again

Partners in Fate: October 7th Attack

A television ad that aired dozens of times during peak viewing hours on the main news channels, with the message that October 7th reminded us all: Jews and Arabs in Israel are partners in fate

Partners in Fate, Partners in Grade

“How did your life change after Oct 7? What scares you the most about going back to collage? What can’t you say anymore in class?” Five pairs of students, Jews and Arabs, come together to answer all the questions in an open and candid conversation

Pardon the Question: Arab Citizens of Israel During the War

Voices of Arab citizens of Israel during the Israel-Hamas War: “Do you condemn the Oct 7 massacre?”, “Who do you care about more, the people in Israel or in Gaza?”, “What’s it like to watch pro-Palestinian protests around the world?”. Arab citizens of Israel answer all the hard questions

Our Partners

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