About us

So what’s been going on in the world in the last 70 years?
Mankind has reached the moon.
The smartphone was invented, and also Disco, rap, Waze and Prozac.
Life expectancy has increased in a decade
The Soviet Union collapsed
Europe united
The United States had its first black president, an orange president and almost a female president

And here we are, 70 years later, still at odds with our neighbours.
In the last few years the conversation has shifted even further, and a deep sense of despair has taken over. With the situation at a standstill and there’s no change in the horizon, it’s hard to think that things can be different.
When stagnation takes hold and it seems that everything has been said and done, it’s pointless to try and deal with it, or even talk about it.
This is where we come in. the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a critical issue in the Israeli present, and obviously Israel’s future. To critical to be put aside.
“Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?” brings the audience the best and most interesting lectures about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with new and inspiring perspectives that paint a new horizon.

At the end of April 2018 our first event was held, with an audience of thousands of Israelis. Since then we had dozens of events around the country that featured real solutions, ideas and ways of thought.
“Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?” has two sets of events:
Flagship events: Annual mega events, for large audiences, open to the public (pending purchasing a ticket).
Custom events: we provide content to organizations who want to give their audience to “Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?” lectures.

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